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We understand that giving up an animal is a difficult decision for you and your family, and we offer these resources in the hope that they may help you to keep your pet. If you must surrender your pet, please read the instructions further down this page.


Feeding Hope — the Michiana Humane Society collects pet food donations for distribution both out of the shelter and monthly at the Trinity Episcopal Church Food Pantry in downtown Michigan City.

Kibble Kitchen Pet Pantry – for residents of Porter and Lake Counties (Indiana) (pet food pantry, spay/neuter referral, Fur Angel Fund euthanasia referral)  219-947-4400

Spay/Neuter Services:

Public Vet (formerly The Neuter Scooter) – Low cost spay/neuter for cats. Multiple locations, visit website for further information
ABC Clinic  – Low cost spay/neuter for dogs and cats. South Bend, IN 574-291-7729
Anderson Feline Reduction Clinic – Low cost spay/neuter for cats. Now in LaPorte. Call for appointment: 219-861-9006
Spay Neuter Express – This mobile surgery visits different towns in Michigan, including Benton Harbor and Stevensville in Berrien County.  Visit the website for more information.

Vaccination Services

Local stores including Tractor Supply Company, Big R and PetSmart host vaccination clinic days. Contact the store directly for more information.

Stray and Feral Cats

Before you trap stray cats or kittens, first make sure they’re actually stray and actually in need of help.  There are colonies of feral cats in the community that are monitored by volunteers.  Also, mama cats will leave their kittens safe in their nest in order to go hunt.  You will cause the mama great stress if you “kit-nap” her kittens, and in the summer months you may have difficulty finding a shelter that has room to take them in.  Please read this webpage about “kit-napping” before you pick up kittens.  We are often full in the summer.  You can also contact Fried’s or the Independent Cat Society in LaPorte County or Animal Lovers in Berrien County for assistance with stray and feral cats.

To Surrender Your Pet

  • The Michiana Humane Society has a live release rate of 98%+. Because we take in any pets, if an animal’s aggression threatens the well-being of our staff, or if an animal is seriously sick beyond our ability to care for it, we do humanely euthanize. We keep any animals that are healthy for as long as it takes to find them new homes.
  • You must make an appointment to bring your pet in.  Because the Michiana Humane Society does not euthanize animals to make space for others, we do not always have a cage or kennel available.  We may need to put your pet on a waiting list.
  • When you bring your pet in, you may bring a toy or blanket that is familiar in order to help make the transition less stressful.  But please do not bring multiple items.
  • Please bring any and all medical records and medications your pet needs.
  • Plan to spend 15-20 minutes at the shelter.  We want you to fill out a questionnaire that will tell adopting families about your pet, how you have cared for her and what she enjoys.  If she has any bad habits or challenges, we need to know that, too.
  • Pay what you can, but we ask for a $35 surrender fee to help pay for the cost of caring for your pet.  If you do not have cash available, you may find something on our shelter wish list that will serve as your donation.
  • After you surrender your pet, we discourage you from visiting.  It causes pets stress to be left at the shelter and then have their people visit, and this can put them into depression.

If we do not have a kennel available and you cannot keep your animal, the following resources may be able to help.


Michigan City Animal Control – 219-874-3221 x 1030
LaPorte County Animal Shelter – 219-326-1637
Independent Cat Society – 219-785-4936
Fried’s Cat Shelter – 219-874-6932


Berrien County Animal Control – 269-471-7531
Animal Lovers – 269-756-9271

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