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Lost or Found Pets

If your pet is missing, once you’ve made an initial attempt to find him, please take a few minutes to notify the following organizations.  That way if he is turned in, we can reunite you quickly!

  • Michiana Humane Society — 219-872-4499
  • LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter — 219-326-1637

Also, call the appropriate animal control office.

  • Michigan City Animal Control — 219-874-3221 x 1030  **Do leave a message at this number.**
  • Berrien County Animal Control — 269-471-7531

We regularly post photos of missing pets on our Facebook page, and our Facebook friends share them on their pages, blanketing the area with information to get your pet home.  You may post a photo to us in a message or directly to our page, or email us at with the information.  Be sure to tell us:

  • Pet’s name
  • Description including sex, color, size, any special markings
  • Is your pet microchipped?
  • Where was the pet last seen?
  • How can we reach you if your pet is found?

The sooner you get the word out about your missing pet, the better the opportunity to bring him home.


If we have an animal that you believe to be your lost animal, please phone us to schedule a reclaim appointment. Michiana Humane Society holds lost pets for seven days before making them available for adoption.

You will need to bring proof of ownership. Indiana State law requires us to have proof of rabies vaccination before releasing found dogs or cats to their owners Ownership proof could be photos, registration papers, or microchip information.  Proof of rabies must come from a licensed veterinarian.

There is a $15 first-time reclaim fee, plus $10 for each day we cared for your pet. Owners will also be required to pay for any vaccines, tests or treatments provided to their pet while in MHS custody.  If you do not have documentation of your pet’s rabies vaccination, you can arrange for a pre-paid rabies vaccination from a veterinarian before we can release your pet. MHS reserves the right to hold animals at the owner’s expense until proof of ownership and rabies vaccination have been provided.

If you have not had your pet microchipped, we do offer this service for $25 so that the pet has permanent identification.


The Michiana Humane Society does not go out into the community to retrieve animals.  If a stray is hanging around your home, please call the appropriate animal control officer (phone numbers above).

If you find a pet animal, please have the pet scanned for a microchip here at MHS, at LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter, or at a local veterinarian.  There is no charge for scanning, and  it is the very quickest way to identify the owners and get them reunited.

You may report found animals to the agencies listed above.  In LaPorte County, stray animals should be taken to the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter, which is funded by tax dollars.  The Michiana Humane Society can sometimes accept strays, but due to space constraints, it’s not always possible for us to take them in.

When we do accept strays, it is our policy to hold them for seven (7) days to give the owners an opportunity to reclaim them. After the seven (7) days, a stray animal will be made available for adoption.

For additional assistance, call the shelter at 219-872-4499 or check our Facebook for postings.

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