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This page is private, available only to current MHS fosters.


As we prepare to reopen, we hope you will help us to find the best possible adopting home for your foster pet!  We have questionnaires for all kinds of pets here on this page.  Please download the appropriate questionnaire (one per animal) and return to us with as much information as you can. The files are in Word document format so that you can type in as much information as you want to. The more we know about this pet in a home, the better we can promote them.

2020 Foster Bunny Information

2020 Foster Cat Information

2020 Foster Dog Information

2020 Foster Guinea Pig Information


We would also like to give you the opportunity to participate in #AdoptFromHome if you are comfortable with interacting directly with potential adopters.

The way it works is we will promote your foster’s availability for adoption on our social media and offer #AdoptFromHome as an option.  If someone is interested in “meeting”, we will first have them submit an application so that we can screen for obvious bad matches.  If all is good, we can set up a Zoom meeting between the potential adopter, an MHS staff member, and you and your foster!

In the Zoom meeting you will share everything you can about the animal — good and bad.  Answer the potential adopter’s questions as thoroughly as you can.  Show off any tricks if the pet is not camera shy!  Our staff participant can help make sure that important points are discussed — we know that some of our animals have specific needs.

If it’s a match and no other pets are involved, we will make an appointment for you to bring the pet to the shelter, where the new adopters can pick up.  If other pets are involved and it’s agreed that a meet-and-greet would be beneficial, we can schedule that, too.

And if it’s not a match, no problem we will continue to look for the right family!

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