Adoptable pets:

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Take a pet on a field trip!

Go for a walk.
Go to the beach.
Go visit a friend.
Go grab a lunch snack!

You’ll have a great day, and our dog gets exercise and new experiences.  And just maybe someone will see the “Adopt Me!” harness and decide to come in to adopt!

To allow for a smoother process we ask that you please call (219) 872-4499 for a pick-up appointment.

When arriving at the shelter you will complete brief paperwork, allow your driver’s license to be copied and then be paired with a dog.

All dogs must be returned by 1 hour before closing.

A “Go-bag” with all needed supplies will be provided at the time of check-out.

At the time of drop-off we request you complete a brief report card as to the behavior of the animal during their field trip.

You are encouraged to use your own personal social media to post about the dog you are with. When using Facebook we ask that we are tagged (@MichianaHumaneSocietySPCA). When using Instagram we ask for #fetchsomefun.

Fetch Some Feline Fun

Fetch-Some-Feline-Fun is an extension of our Fetch Some Fun program!
We ordered a very special (and safe!) backpack for our kitties to go out and see what life outside of the shelter is all about, too! All you need to do is call us and schedule a pick-up time!
We will get the cat backpack loaded up with a very special kitty and off you go! Our cats’ safety is our #1 priority, so the kitties will need to stay in the backpack the entire time. An hour would be a good length of time for a feline field trip since they won’t be coming out. The goal of this program is to let the cats see sights outside of the shelter that will be enriching for them!
Take a stroll through a garden with lots of birds and butterflies for them to watch! Or have a seat in a quiet park so they can soak up all the good sniffs! You can make a difference in a shelter cat’s day, and we hope that you do

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