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For over 100 years, the Michiana Humane Society has been an animal shelter, an adoption agency, a resource for the community. We create second chances for pets, and the people who love them. And for over 25 years we have done it out of our building on Highway 212 in Michigan City, Indiana.

The need in the community exceeds our ability to provide, however. Every day we turn away pets because we are at capacity. Every day we direct interested pet owners to clinics an hour away to access lower cost spay and neuter services. Most of the animals that do come into our shelter require vaccines and parasite prevention before they can be put up for adoption.

Many of the animals that do come into MHS spend time in housing that is less than ideal. When our building was designed, animals did not stay long. If they weren’t placed within a few weeks, their fate was euthanasia. These days we place 98% or more of the animals that come into our care. Sometimes they’re here for months waiting for the right family. Our current housing is loud, ventilation is not ideal, and many of our cats and critters receive no natural light. Given the time they are resident, we think we can do better.

The Building Hope campaign will make it possible for the Michiana Humane Society to provide care and services for many more dogs, cats and critters. Animals in need of new families will find bright, well-ventilated housing where Fear Free principles reduce the stress of being rehomed. And families whose budgets cannot cover basic veterinary care can receive those services at lower costs from a staff veterinarian and team rather than give up a beloved family member.

We plan to build a new 20,000 square foot facility with three distinct sections — adoption, veterinary, and intake. Keeping animals separated by these categories is just the first of many ways we will make the building healthier, and more fear free. All animal housing areas will receive natural light, have hospital-quality ventilation, and be designed to Association of Shelter Veterinarians standards.

We believe that this expansion will serve our community well into this century, keeping more families together, and when that’s not possible, getting their pets rehomed quickly into new forever families.

Please view our Building Hope video for more information.

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